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Thanks to 8x digital zoom, a 'smart siren' and a powerful Night Vision mode, there's no corner of your home you can't keep a close eye on from the system's app or web interface, giving you ultimate peace of mind. Read More!
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8GHz analog or digital wireless signals. Read More!
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With professional monitoring, you will have a trained representative on standby 24/7 monitoring your home and can respond immediately if suspicious activity is detected. Read More!

video security monitoring

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TWireless security cameras are a highly efficient way of providing your home or business with protection from criminal activity. Security Camera King provides customers high quality CCTV systems, access control systems, and security product accessories. We have been serving the security industry as a manufacturer and distributor of state of the art security technology for over a decade. Wireless security camera systems provide property owners with extensive benefits such as:When you select a wireless surveillance camera system you will have the immediate and obvious benefit of having a wire free interface. Your wireless surveillance camera system can be placed anywhere without having to worry about it being near an outlet or telephone line. This why many intruders will make the move of “cutting the lines” around your property.

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video security monitoring

View cameras from App, turn on the audio by tap the speaker icon, you shall hear the voice.

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    00 applies for most installations, rate may vary for nonstandard installs.

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    These accessories include options such as a solar panel, ring chime, quick release battery pack and more.

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    6 star rating following nearly 6,000 reviews at Amazon.

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  • video security monitoring
    These smart detectors also give out a preliminary warning tone that tells you there’s smoke somewhere in the house, and gives you a chance to act.
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